Monday, July 31, 2023

On Becoming a Realtor

It's been six months since I last wrote anything on this little blog of mine. Five months since I stepped away from my corporate career. 

So much as happened in that time, and while I had every intention of sharing along each step of the way, the truth is, making a major life pivot can be more than a little challenging. As with anything, life has a way of falling into familiar routines. And even when those routines are no longer serving you, they are still familiar - a comfort zone of your own creation. 

Stepping out has meant adjusting expectations, finding a new groove that is challenging in its own way, reprioritizing time, redefining purpose, finding new passions, letting go of old ambitions. It's also meant more time to be with my boys, more time to lean in to the things that they need, to find moments of joy in the midst of lots of still unanswered questions. This new chapter is a blessing, and while I'm still trying to navigate all that's changing around me, I am grateful. 

One of the things I am excited for in this new chapter of mine is a pivot into a career in real estate. It is certainly not out of the blue, but a natural next step for me and one that I am hopeful will allow me to serve both my family and my community well. 

I actually spent most of my childhood in the back conference room of my grandmother's real estate office. She launched her brokerage, Realty One of Kissimee, Inc., in 1983 - forty years ago - and spent decades serving the Central Florida community. My mom joined the brokerage just before I was born, and I have vivid memories of sitting in their lobby, flipping through Homes and Land Magazine and pretending that I was the listing agent for each of the homes and preparing for a showing. I'd make up commentary for each piece of property and evaluate all of the community features that I was impressed with. 

As I got older, I obviously pursued other passions of mine, but real estate has always been a fascination. Even in the midst of my previous career, I had the opportunity to learn extensively about the construction side of real estate, and making this transition feels a little bit like coming home. In fact, I'm joining the same brokerage I spent so much of my life in - now owned by my mom. It's a career move that at the end of the day gives me an opportunity to get back to work and put my skills and expertise to good use, while still affording me the flexibility to be there for my boys when they need me and to get my youngest to all of his doctor and therapy appointments.

So, with all that being said, if you or anyone you know is in the Central Florida area and looking to buy or sell a home, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I can't wait to help you find your dream home!

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